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Buying or renting a container is easy at ContainerID! Check out our wide range of containers on offer here. Keep scrolling to see the various steps of the sale and rental process.

Buy or rent a shipping container? Check out our current range of shipping containers, consisting of both new and used containers, here.

Shipping container

40 foot and 20 foot New and used dry shipping containers for sale and rent in any colour in Antwerp depot stacked

Buy or rent a refrigerated container? Check out our current range of refrigerated containers, consisting of both new and used containers, here.

Refrigerated container

Multiple New and used 40 foot white ACL refrigerated reefer containers for sale or rent at ContainerID depot

Buy or rent a bar container? Check out our current range of bar containers, consisting of both new and used containers, here.

Bar container

20 ft custom black Mobile Flexi bar container for festivals, parties, functions and corporate events. Available for rent or sale at ContainerID

Buy or rent a special container? Check out our current range of special containers, consisting of both new and used containers, here.

Special container

20 foot new dark blue open side special container available at depot for sale or rent at ContainerID

Buy or rent a genset? Check out our current genset range here.


Thermo King SGCO - 3500 clip on genset new or used available for rent or sale by ContainerID in Antwerp

Thermo King's reefer technology has proven to be the lightest, simplest, most powerful, efficient, and lowest energy-consuming reefer unit in the industry.

Thermo King reefer units

How exactly do you buy or rent a container from ContainerID? You can find out here!

Do you need a shipping container, refrigerated container, special container, super freezer, or a completely different kind of container? Select the container you need from our wide range so we can get started.

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Leave your details so we can send you a clear price quote. Do we need to deliver the container? Be sure to include the delivery address here.

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As soon as you request your container, we will get in touch to make clear arrangements. After agreement, we will set a date to deliver the container. You can expect the container as early as three to seven working days.

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Step 3

We arrive with a crane truck on the agreed date, so that the container can be put in the right place immediately. So be sure to provide enough space for the container in the area. Please note that the hours we agree in advance depend on external factors and are therefore target hours.

*The rental period starts on the day of delivery.

Step 4

The rental period ends on the day the container is collected. Make sure you arrange this date with your contact person at least two weeks in advance.

Step 5

Step-by-step plan from order to commissioning

Any other questions? We will be happy to help you further.
20 foot ContainerID refrigerated reefer container delivered by crane for festival event with equipped truck to store and cool drinks for sale or hire

A refrigerated container delivered by a crane-equipped truck.

Refrigerated container delivered by a crane-equipped truck.

  • -40°C to +40°C temperature range
  • Installed quickly
  • 15m² temperature-controlled storage space


Yellow 20 foot custom painted shipping container with large opening hatch and air conditioning in Antwerp by ContainerID for STUBRU

Custom-made Container

Custom yellow container with a large opening hatch on the side.

Choose any colour and modification and we will have it ready for you in no time. 

Inside Seven 40 foot white Custom refrigerated reefer container solution modified for the development of sea life in temperature controlled containers

Modified Refrigerated Containers

These seven Reefer containers were both modifed and delivered to help with the research and development of sea life.

20 foot black Back yard storage shipping container or patio with open side for bikes, chairs or pool equipment in Antwerp by ContainerID

20ft poolhouse

The perfect storage area for whatever your requirement might be. Keep your bikes out of the rain or have an undercover work space. You decide!

20 foot black Rooftop bar container at beach festival for DJ set / concert available with large crowd for rent or hire at ContainerID for any music event

Ostend Beach Festival

Ostend Beach Festival Rooftop Container 

Enjoy a drink with a 360° view, whilst listening to your favourite artist!

  • Stairs can be placed along the 4 sides
  • Sunproof canopy
  • Equipped with power and sockets


Custom branded 20 foot Mobile Rooftop bar container at Royal Antwerp Golf Club for golf tournament event  by ContainerID with custom blue branding banner and flags

Royal Antwerp Golf Club

Royal Antwerp Golf Club Terrace Bar

  • Stairs can be placed along the 4 sides
  • Sunproof canopy
  • Equipped with power and sockets


Also for rent ! 

Front door of Red 40 foot high cube used storage stock container for Beerschot hockey club for events and tournaments for sale or hire by ContainerID

Stock Container Hockey Club

40ft high cube stock container at Beerschot hockey

  • Ideal for tournaments or events
  • Easy placement
  • 30m² storage space


Bar container delivery and pick up of two 20 foot containers in Belgium with crane for any location by ContainerID

Delivery Anywhere

Don't lift a finger and let ContainerID take care of the heavy lifting. All our delivery trucks come with a built in crane making any location accessible. Just send us the address!


Modified black 20 foot dart container for tournament with four dart boards and fake green grass at ContainerID in Antwerp for sale or hire

Dart Container

The annual Eucore dart tournament produced many laughs and one happy winner. A perfect container for the backyard with friends, family and colleagues.


Om jou een idee te geven van wat we allemaal kunnen, tonen we maar al te graag een paar van onze favoriete realisaties.

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