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Pop up 20 foot black bar container for Bar Jozef serving food and drinks available to rent or buy at ContainerID customised for any event

Our 'Plug & Play' bar container is the undisputed star in our rental lineup. All you need to do is have it delivered to your desired location, plug in the power cable, and voila, you have a perfectly set-up bar for serving refreshing drinks and delicious meals. This summer, one of our ContainerID Plug & Play bar containers shines at the BAR JOZEF premises, right next to Bokrijk. It's the perfect place to recharge your batteries, both literally and figuratively, after a wonderful bike ride and a visit to the open-air museum


Popular ´Plug & Play´ Bar Container

Discover why a reefer container is the ideal storage solution. From temperature control to flexibility, learn about the 9 benefits that can propel your business forward.

The 9 Advantages Of A Refrigerated Container For Storage

Pop up 20 foot black container restaurant with open hatch and hot food and custom logo in Antwerp port for start up business for workers by ContainerID

Discover our latest project, the 'Pop-Up Take Away,' where we've converted a 20-foot shipping container into a stunning pop-up restaurant, strategically placed in a bustling industrial zone in Antwerp. From custom-made equipment to electrical installations, our skilled craftsmen have taken care of every detail. Read on to see how we turned an ordinary blue container into the prerfect pop-up solution

The Pop-Up Take Away: An Innovative 20ft Shipping Container Transformation

Thermo King SGCO - 3500 genset new or used available for rent or sale by ContainerID in Antwerp for truck trailer

In the world of carriers, the question often arises about the necessity of reefer gensets for the proper execution of work. In this blog post, we provide answers to why gensets, especially in conjunction with Thermo King, are indispensable for effective refrigerated transport.

Thermo King Gensets: Crucial for Reliable Refrigerated Transport

New or used 20 foot white Thermo King Super Freezer for sale or rent in Antwerp by ContainerID to - 70 degrees

Thermo King, notre précieux partenaire dans l'avancement logistique, présente le révolutionnaire Thermo King SuperFreezer. Une prouesse technologique qui étend non seulement les possibilités de transport du poisson frais, mais qui joue également un rôle essentiel dans le transport sécurisé des vaccins Covid-19 à une température ultra basse constante de -70°C. Découvrez comment ces réfrigérateurs de pointe redéfinissent les normes pour le transport des vaccins et pourquoi ContainerID est fier de contribuer à cette opération logistique cruciale.

Thermo King SuperFreezer: Innovative Solutions for Crucial Logistics

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