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Thermo King Super Freezer Sale

Thermo King reefer units 

Thermo King reefers units are the only ones on the market that provide a constant temperature from -40°C to +40°C in a reefer container. They are also the best choice in terms of product innovation, sustainability, performance and energy saving solutions.


Why buy a new Thermo King reefer unit?

  • You like to choose the best units on the market.
  • Extensive Thermo King service network. You will be helped worldwide!
  • low “total cost of ownership"




New or used 20 foot white Thermo King Super Freezer for sale or rent in Antwerp by ContainerID to - 70 degrees
Thermo Kings Reefer container fresh and frozen for sale or hire in Antwerp, Belgium by ContainerID

Type Thermo King reefer units 

We always have various Thermo King reefer units in stock. This way we can immediately serve you with a new reefer unit. We can also offer the Thermo King Super Feezer. The only unit on the market that can guarantee temperatures down to -70°C.

Choose from our options:

  • Magnum plus 
  • CFF (Container Fresh & Frozen)
  • Super Freezer



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