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Industrial solutions

Our industrial solutions meet the unique needs of different industries thanks to our experienced staff working together to turn your vision into a reality. Tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen. The possibilities are endless!

Container conversion into vending machine shop. Black Customised new 20ft container. Equipped with electricity, LED-strip safety camera and an open side.

ContainerID opens doors


Converting a container into an office, storage facility, or something else? ContainerID takes care of everything you can think of with a container, from A to Z. Our industrial transformations of shipping containers can be produced quickly and efficiently, saving you not only money but time as well.

Flexibility and speed without sacrificing quality is something we strive to achieve. That’s why ContainerID is your perfect choice. From modular workspaces on construction sites to mobile offices and break rooms, our containers create an efficient environment perfectly suited to any industrial needs.

New 20 ft black container conversion into safety tunnel for Plug n Play with black floor, grated windows and opening hatches

Why choose industrial solutions?


ContainerID is passionate about bringing your project to fruition.  After all, containers are easy to move, meaning you aren’t pinned down to one place; instead, you can use them again and again in any location. Thanks to their modular nature, the containers also excel in functionality and design. The perfect solution for your business!

Modular office with patio

Titan Cargo came to ContainerID with a request to create an office container. It seemed like a fairly straightforward request, until we got the design. We ultimately used two 20-ft used shipping containers for this project, in which one container was placed on top of the other, protruding a good two metres past the edge. Additionally, the client also wanted a patio with a 360° view to ensure a perfect panorama over the property.

We did much of the work in our workshop, but we welded the containers together on-site. Titan Cargo uses the bottom container as a stockroom and the top container as an office. We completely insulated the office and installed an air-conditioning unit. The entire project works on the plug & play principle and can also be moved easily. Plus, the two large windows afford the perfect view of their site. Needless to say, they were quite pleased with the results!

A customised storage container

The client had specific requirements for this container project, so customisation was a must! The container needed to be able to accommodate specific machines. We based ourselves on that information and created a scaled-down door and made sure to leave enough space between the storage racks. We also made those storage racks to measure. For added convenience, you can enter the container from both sides and it works on the plug & play principle. It is also equipped with LED lighting and the container can be easily locked using a standard padlock. We did all this work at a rapid pace, so that we were able to deliver the transformed container after eight days.

Customised insect nursery container

ContainerID is always ready for special requests. That’s why we immediately seized the opportunity to develop a local Belgian farmer’s truly unique idea: a mobile insect nursery container. He came up with this idea because he wanted to find a substitute for cattle feed. After a thorough analysis and the farmer’s approval, we set to work with two 40-ft refrigerated containers. These specially designed refrigerated containers are now on the client’s farm.

This container solution allowed the farmer to start his research into animal nutrition and find a more sustainable alternative to traditional animal feed. The project is a successful example of how containers can be adapted for the most unique purposes.

A sustainable adventure

Zilt, a startup active in research and development within the fast-growing aquaculture sector, approached ContainerID with a unique project that posed a major challenge. The plan was to create a large-scale, temperature-controlled lab in an existing shed. Refrigerated containers were used as the basic structure. Our refrigerated containers are solidly insulated and are made of high-quality, rust-free materials, which made them perfect for this project. The client and ContainerID made a joint decision to utilise used containers to make the project even more sustainable.

To meet the lab’s requirements, additional doors were installed, walls were cut out, and reinforcements were added. Plus, flat rack containers were used to place water tanks on the roofs of the refrigerated containers. We also took care of the installation. The result? A place full of potential that promises to contribute to the further development of the aquaculture sector.


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Modified 20 foot black shipping container pool house with open side, storage and wooden floors for garden in Antwerp by ContainerID

outdoor lounge

We transformed this container into an additional space for storing garden equipment. The open area can be used perfectly as an outdoor lounge.

Two black Outdoor storage solution for bikes with custom 20 foot shipping container turned to bike shed with open side access and bike rack in Antwerp by ContainerID

Bicycle Storage Otterburg

The Otterburg business estate in Ghent had two containers transformed into bicycle sheds. We also provided electric charging stations at their request.

Storage container

Customisation is a must and this container proves it. To keep as much space available as possible, we made a scaled-down door and left enough space between the custom-made chimneys. The container can be entered from both sides, is equipped with LED lighting, and operates on a plug & play principle

Container conversion into vending machine shop. Black Customised new 20ft container. Equipped with electricity, LED-strip safety camera and an open side.

Vending Machine Container

Vending machine container for Vendigo

  • Equipped with electricity, LED strip and vending machines
  • Custom floor
  • Additional wooden partition wall
Inside Seven 40 foot white Custom refrigerated reefer container solution modified for the development of sea life in temperature controlled containers

Modified Refrigerated Containers

These seven Reefer containers were both modifed and delivered to help with the research and development of sea life.

Two 20 foot black Custom industrial container solution with large windows for any business. Mobile work space / office for sale or rent

Titan Cargo Office Container

This two-storey office container with a rooftop at a height of 5 m was made from two 20-ft used shipping containers. It was fully insulated and finished and equipped with electricity, lighting, and an HVAC system.

Custom branded 40 foot high cube white and blue shipping container with any design for new growing businesses in reefer depot

Custom Branded Container

Let your creativity run wild and have any design you'd like. This custom GSI Logistics branded container catches the eye and turns heads

New 20 ft black container conversion into safety tunnel for Plug n Play with black floor, grated windows and opening hatches

Plug N Play Safety Tunnel

Our Safety Tunnel for Plug N Play project!  We converted a new 10 ft and 20 ft shipping container to allow for safe entry and exit into chosen buildings during construction.

20 foot black custom shipping container modified into office work space with two large glass window for natural light with white walls by ContainerID

Mobile Office Unit

This 20-ft shipping container was converted into a mobile office unit, ideal for a temporary or permanent office space.

Bar container delivery and pick up of two 20 foot containers in Belgium with crane for any location by ContainerID

Delivery Anywhere

Don't lift a finger and let ContainerID take care of the heavy lifting. All our delivery trucks come with a built in crane making any location accessible. Just send us the address!


20 foot custom ContainerID refrigerated reefer container for sale or rent at Drip festival on crane delivered for the cooling of beverages in Antwerp central

DRIP Reefer Container

This 20-ft refrigerated container for rental or sale was requested for the DRIP festival in Antwerp. Because of its cooling capacity of -23°C to +23°C, it was used to keep food and drinks cool during the festival. Ideal for a festival, pop-up, event, and additional temporary or permanent cooled room!

Custom table made from spare shipping container materials in dark blue with glass top and four legs in office room

ICTC´s ​Tailer-made Table

This custom-made table consists entirely of materials from a container and shows what a shipping container floor looks like. You can find these in the ICTC nv meeting room

Transportation of two red modified company office shipping container for sale or rent in Antwerp

Belga&Co Office Containers

These containers were custom-made for coffee roaster Belga&Co. They currently serve as office space and additional storage in the roastery itself. ContainerID fitted the containers with additional doors and tilt-and-turn windows and painted them in the roastery’s house style.

Yellow spray painted 20 foot refurbished tank container new or used for sale or rent in Antwerp Eucore depot

Spraying Job for Eurocore

ContainerID gave this container a completely new look. It was completely sanded down and repainted so that the refurbished tank container was perfect for Eurocore.

Zilt temperature controlled modified white 40 foot refrigerated reefer container lab with LED lights and temperature cooling made by ContainerID

Zilt´s Aquaculture Lab

Thanks to Zilt, we took on a real challenge, a temperature-controlled lab using refrigerated containers as the basic structure! Using second-hand containers to work sustainably, we worked on the project from A to Z to ensure that the three refrigerated containers met the lab’s requirements.

40 foot used refrigerated reefer container modified into Insect nursery with blue modified lights for local Belgian farmer in Antwerp by ContainerID

Insect Nursery Container

ContainerID made two mobile insect nurseries out of 40-ft refrigerated containers for a local Belgian farmer. It’s a perfect example of how we can customise containers for the most unique purposes.

To give you an idea of what we can do, check out a few of our favourite completed projects.

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