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Event solutions

Let your creativity run wild and amaze your guests with ContainerID.  Any event is possible, from pop-up shops and catering areas to interactive exhibition stands and outdoor stages. Our containers will add an unexpected and exciting element to your event!

20 foot black custom Rooftop bar container at beach festival available for rent or hire at ContainerID for any music event with crowd

ContainerID opens doors

Every event is unique, which is why we work closely with you to make your ideas a reality. Create an unforgettable experience through the the customisation of your shipping container

From the very first concept to the final execution, we ensure that every detail is perfected. It's our job to transform traditional shipping containers into eye-catching projects that not only impress, but also contribute to sustainability thanks to their reusability. With our shipping container modifications, we add a new dimension to your events, taking guests on a journey full of discovery and surprise.

White 40 foot custom made Beerschot football club bar container with company branded sticker logo and opening hatch for alcohol

Why choose event solutions?

ContainerID is passionate about bringing your project to fruition.  After all, containers are easy to move, meaning you aren’t pinned down to one place; instead, you can use them again and again in any location. Thanks to their modular nature, the containers also excel in functionality and design. The perfect solution for your business!

Bar container with modular patio

Omer Brewery came to ContainerID for a bar container with a roof patio to help develop their brand activation. They weren’t ready to buy just yet, so we made it possible for them to rent the bar container on a regular basis, while it also remains usable for other businesses. We came up with our Flex patio in order to offer a flexible and easy-to-install solution. This fits any 20-ft container and the stairs can be set up in four different ways thanks to the two openings. The wood finish on both the bar container and the roof patio gives the whole a pleasing look.

A unique bar container

GiG Hard Seltzer was looking for a unique bar container to take their brand activation to the next level. Functionality and style were high priorities in this project, but hygiene also plays an important role in a bar container. The collapsible stainless steel work tables were therefore the ideal flexible setup for the bar. Plus, the LED strip in the right corporate colours and the recommended stickers radiate GiG Hard Seltzer’s unique identity.

What makes the bar container truly unique is the refreshment station. This is an enclosed area at the end of the container where festival-goers can cool down under a misting system while enjoying refreshing drinks.


Looking for converted containers for your business?
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20 foot modified STUBRU yellow radio container with one large opening hatch, custom billboard logo and custom banner advertisement by ContainerID

StuBru Radio container

This StuBru Radio container could be found in Antwerp’s Sportpaleis! For this project, we fitted the container with an HVAC system, additional doors, the necessary connections for electricity, and one side that can be opened completely. Plus, we painted the container in StuBru’s house style!

Custom branded 20 foot Omer rooftop bar container for serving of food and drinks at company function in the Port of Antwerp for rent by ContainerID

Omer Bar and Rooftop

Antwerp Proeft used this 20-ft semi-flex bar container and 20-ft rooftop as a bar setup at Antwerp Proeft’s foodie festival. Omer Brewery was able to easily brand our bars to suit their needs. The rooftop was finished with wooden elements, is equipped with sun and water-repellent harmonica sun canopies, and power sockets. You can either rent or buy this semi-flex bar container

Pop up camping belgica 20 foot black custom container for DJ stage at bush festival with open side for STUBRU

Camping Belgica DJ Booth

A DJ booth custom-made from a 20-ft container for Camping Belgica. The container is equipped with electricity and an extra door. Plus, the entire side can be opened.

Pop up 20 foot black container restaurant with open hatch and hot food and custom logo in Antwerp port for start up business for workers by ContainerID

Broodjes & Burgers Pop-up

This container was transformed into a pop-up restaurant for sandwiches and burgers. They both made and served the food in the container. Thanks to lighting, a large serving hatch, stainless steel work tables, and more than enough connections, it was a piece of cake!

Finley Festival Container

We completely finished this container for Finley in their style. That way, people could see it steal the spotlight at Tomorrowland.

20 foot black custom Rooftop bar container at beach festival available for rent or hire at  ContainerID for any music event with crowd

Ostend Beach Festival

Ostend Beach Festival Rooftop Container 

Enjoy a drink with a 360° view, whilst listening to your favourite artist!

  • Stairs can be placed along the 4 sides
  • Sunproof canopy
  • Equipped with power and sockets


20 foot ContainerID refrigerated reefer container delivered by crane for festival event with equipped truck to store and cool drinks for sale or hire

A refrigerated container delivered by a crane-equipped truck.

Refrigerated container delivered by a crane-equipped truck.

  • -40°C to +40°C temperature range
  • Installed quickly
  • 15m² temperature-controlled storage space


Westdiep pop up 20 foot black custom branded bar container for quick drink in market, park or road. Available for sale or rent

Westdiep Pop-Up Bar

Another pop-up barcontainer spotted at the Belgian Coast. Perfect for a quick drink and some food. You can either rent or buy this Original bar container.


Custom blue bar container with logo, paint job and choice of colour for Gig Hard Seltzer. Advertise business at any event. Available for hire or sale at ContainerID

GiG HardSeltzer Bar Container

This unique bar container was created by ContainerID for GiG Hard Seltzer. Festival-goers could enjoy a drink while cooling themselves under the container’s misting system. Thanks to its LED strip and stickers, the container radiates the company’s unique identity.

Pop up white 20 foot custom store container for markets and festivals in Hasselt by ContainerID

Hasselt Promo Container

This 20-ft activation container for the city of Hasselt is used at numerous events. The banner on the roof and personalised stickers can be customised to each specific event. Plus, the container is on a container sled so that the municipality of Hasselt’s lorry can easily place it on its trailer.

Custom branded 20 foot Mobile Rooftop bar container at Royal Antwerp Golf Club for golf tournament event  by ContainerID with custom blue branding banner and flags

Royal Antwerp Golf Club

Royal Antwerp Golf Club Terrace Bar

  • Stairs can be placed along the 4 sides
  • Sunproof canopy
  • Equipped with power and sockets


Also for rent ! 

40 foot white and purple Beerschot football club custom bar container for food and drinks and ticket booth at any event by ContainerID for sale or rent

Beerschot Football Club

Beerschot Football Club 

One hatchet and work station created to assist with the thirst of the Beerschot supporters 

Custom red 20 foot coca cola bar container for any event, festival and party for the service of alcohol. Advertise company logo and colours with ContainerID

Coca-Cola Festival Container

This Coca-Cola bar container was fully personalised for the popular Tomorrowland Festival. This container was finished entirely in wood.

Pop up 20 foot black bar container for Bar Jozef serving food and drinks available to rent or buy at ContainerID customised for any event

Bar Jozef

This 20-ft Flexi bar container stands out in Bokrijk at bar Jozef and can easily be personalised for any event! This Flexi bar container can be bought or rented!

Pink 20 foot new Mobile Radio studio for STUBRU with custom banners, LED lights and speakers in Antwerp city public

VRT Radio Station

These two pink VRT containers were placed on the square in front of the museum to provide extensive coverage on the occasion of the grand opening of KMSKA in Antwerp. The striking colour and large banners made for a real eye-catcher!

20 foot mobile vending machine for soft drinks, food, snacks and alcohol with custom yellow LED lights and open side in Antwerp

Vending Machine Container

Vending machine container for Vendigo

  • Equipped with electricity, LED strip and vending machines
  • Custom floor
  • Additional wooden partition wall
Bar container delivery and pick up of two 20 foot containers in Belgium with crane for any location by ContainerID

Delivery Anywhere

Don't lift a finger and let ContainerID take care of the heavy lifting. All our delivery trucks come with a built in crane making any location accessible. Just send us the address!


Two Pop up single hatch black 20 foot bar container on grass with custom lights for summer drinks in Mechelen. Available for sale or rent at ContainerID

Pop-up Gazon Gaston

Our Original bar containers are used here at the Gazon pop-up summer bar in Mechelen. You can either rent or buy this Original bar container.


To give you an idea of what we can do, check out a few of our favourite completed projects.

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