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We bring your ideas to life! Whether it's a bar container, sauna container, office container or something completely different, ContainerID can conquer any challenge.


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Buy or rent a genset, refrigerated container, shipping container or any other type of container? You’ve come to the right place at ContainerID. Don’t hesitate to check out our options!

A solution for practically everything!

Rent or buy a container, convert a container into a bar, garden shed, office, or even a home? Anything you can think of with a genset, refrigerated, shipping, or other type of container, it's possible at ContainerID. No idea is too wild. We’ll get even wilder since they can all be set up without a permit!

GiG HardSeltzer Bar Container

This unique bar container was created by ContainerID for GiG Hard Seltzer. Festival-goers could enjoy a drink while cooling themselves under the container’s misting system. Thanks to its LED strip and stickers, the container radiates the company’s unique identity.

Titan Cargo Office Container

This two-storey office container with a rooftop at a height of 5 m was made from two 20-ft used shipping containers. It was fully insulated and finished and equipped with electricity, lighting, and an HVAC system.

Ostend Beach Festival

Ostend Beach Festival Rooftop Container 

Enjoy a drink with a 360° view, whilst listening to your favourite artist!

  • Stairs can be placed along the 4 sides
  • Sunproof canopy
  • Equipped with power and sockets


Royal Antwerp Golf Club

Royal Antwerp Golf Club Terrace Bar

  • Stairs can be placed along the 4 sides
  • Sunproof canopy
  • Equipped with power and sockets


Also for rent ! 

Beerschot Football Club

Beerschot Football Club 

One hatchet and work station created to assist with the thirst of the Beerschot supporters 

Bar Jozef

This 20-ft Flexi bar container stands out in Bokrijk at bar Jozef and can easily be personalised for any event! This Flexi bar container can be bought or rented!

VRT Radio Station

These two pink VRT containers were placed on the square in front of the museum to provide extensive coverage on the occasion of the grand opening of KMSKA in Antwerp. The striking colour and large banners made for a real eye-catcher!

Vending Machine Container

Vending machine container for Vendigo

  • Equipped with electricity, LED strip and vending machines
  • Custom floor
  • Additional wooden partition wall

Delivery Anywhere

Don't lift a finger and let ContainerID take care of the heavy lifting. All our delivery trucks come with a built in crane making any location accessible. Just send us the address!


To give you an idea of what we can do, check out a few of our favourite completed projects.

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